At the Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Film Festival, we believe in celebrating the art of filmmaking and recognizing outstanding contributions to the world of cinema. To honour the exceptional talent and creativity within the film community, we offer a range of awards and prizes and winners receive a trophy, medal, certificate along with a wide range of gifts and goodies. Not only this, winners as well as nominees get a chance to be a part of the global film community.

At the Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards, our commitment to the art of filmmaking is reflected in our dedication to celebrating and honouring exceptional contributions to the world of cinema. We take immense pride in providing a platform that recognizes the outstanding achievements of filmmakers and their profound impact on the storytelling medium. Our festival offers a diverse array of awards and prizes that encompass various facets of the filmmaking process, from exceptional direction and mesmerizing performances to captivating storytelling and remarkable technical craftsmanship. These accolades are a testament to the passion, creativity, and innovation that filmmakers, both emerging talents and seasoned professionals, bring to the cinematic landscape.

Our mission extends beyond mere recognition; we strive to foster a dynamic film community that values diversity, cross-cultural understanding, and the nurturing of emerging talent. By celebrating the art of cinema through our awards and prizes, we aim to inspire and empower filmmakers to push the boundaries of their craft, tell stories that resonate with audiences on a global scale, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the cinematic arts. We firmly believe that the power of film transcends borders and languages, and our festival stands as a beacon of cinematic excellence, providing a platform for creativity, dialogue, and cultural enrichment. Through our awards and prizes, we aspire to shine a spotlight on the incredible talent that continues to shape and redefine the world of film, enriching our collective cinematic experience. Our awards program is an embodiment of our commitment to celebrating, nurturing, and promoting creativity within the film community. RICPA, with its illustrious history in film education and its longstanding tradition of preserving cinematic heritage, is proud to introduce this initiative that echoes our dedication to the art of film.