1. Submission Eligibility:
    • Films must meet the specified criteria for length, genre, and format.
    • Films not in the English language must be submitted with English subtitles.
  2. Submission Process:
    • Filmmakers should submit their films through the official festival submission platform.
    • The festival reserves the right to reject any submission that doesn't comply with the specified guidelines.
    • Filmmakers even if they withdraw their submission, submission fee is non refundable.
  3. Copyright and Permissions:
    • Filmmakers must ensure they have obtained all necessary rights, licenses, and permissions for their submitted works, including music and other copyrighted materials.
    • The festival is not responsible for any legal issues or claims related to the films.
  4. Selection Process:
    • Submissions will be evaluated by a qualified jury or selection committee.
    • Selection decisions are final and non-negotiable.
    • Filmmakers will be promptly notified of the festival's selection decisions.
  5. Screenings:
    • The festival may schedule multiple screenings of selected films.
    • Screenings may be held in physical venues, depending on the festival's format.
    • Filmmakers are encouraged to attend screenings if possible.
  6. Awards and Prizes:
    • The festival will present awards in various categories, as determined by the festival organizers.
    • Award winners will be announced every month on or before the event date. The annual winners will be announced at the annual gala event.
  7. Promotion:
    • Filmmakers are encouraged to promote their films through festival-specific promotional materials and media.
    • The festival reserves the right to use film excerpts and promotional materials for festival marketing.
  8. Festival Rights:
    • The festival may retain the right to screen winning films in non-commercial screenings post-festival, with proper credits to the filmmakers.
    • Filmmakers retain full rights to their work, and the festival will not distribute or sell submitted films.
  9. Publicity and Public Relations:
    • The festival may use submitted materials, such as stills, trailers, and posters, for promotional purposes.
    • Filmmakers may be requested to participate in promotional activities related to the festival.
  10. Code of Conduct:
    Attendees, including filmmakers, guests, and festival staff, are expected to follow a code of conduct ensuring a respectful and inclusive environment.
  11. Disqualification:
    The festival reserves the right to disqualify any film or filmmaker that violates the festival's rules or engages in unethical behavior.
  12. Amendments:
    The festival organizers may amend the rules and regulations at their discretion, with notification to participants.
  13. Legal Compliance:
    All participants must adhere to local, national, and international laws related to film submissions, content, and distribution. It's essential to provide clear and concise rules and regulations on your festival's official website and in your submission guidelines to ensure that filmmakers and participants are well-informed about the festival's requirements and procedures.